Staff Directory



Ted Brennan Principal
Len De Julius Vice Principal

Administration Support


Paul Charbonneau Education Committee Chairperson
Anne Fronteddu Promotions and Marketing
Don Lasell Counsellor
Robin Williams Aboriginal Support Worker

Teaching Staff

Subjects Taught

Brock Bevan English, PE, Drama
Onika Bryson Science, PE, Athletic Director
John Calzavara Physics, IT, Library
Meredith Campbell Social Studies, IT, Marketing
Stacey Cassidy PE , Socials, PE, Drama, Geography
Len De Julius Social Studies
Celina Fader Learning Assistance
Alan Ferguson Science, Campus Ministry
Dan Fraser French, Law, Psychology, Academic Counseling
Sarah Gillespie English, Religion, Campus Ministry
Lucinda Henneveld French
Chris Kazun Social Studies, Religion, Comparative Civilizations, History
Taylor Kitteringham PE, Social Studies
Cindy Kuester English, Religion, Campus Ministry
Lani Knowles Math, Science, Chemistry
Dr. Jeffrey Lannan English
Martin Lavrik Drama, Religion, PE
Zuzana Lavrikova ELL, Religion
Jacqueline Lindenbach Art, Photography
Joan Lunt Foods
Gary Moore Math
Tara Navarro ELL
John Oberhoffner PE, Science
Antonio Pepe Math
Vanessa Richards English
Young Shin Math, Religion
Matt Sweeney Math, PE
Sandra Tobin-Careen English, Writing, English Literature 12AP, A4L
Robert Woitowitsch Music, Religion, Planning

Classroom Support


Therese Byrne Teacher's Assistant
Holly Demers Teacher's Assistant
Celina Fader Teacher's Assistant
Manuela Heleno Teacher's Assistant
Antonio Pepe Teacher's Assistant
Homer Reyes Teacher's Assistant
Lorna Tatomir Teacher's Assistant
Caslyn Turenne Teacher's Assistant
Kurtis Wilde Teacher's Assistant

Office Staff


Lori Donegan Office Manager and Bookkeeper
Michele Fowler mfowler@stjohnbrebeuf.caTo report student absences, please email Registrar
Carol Keely Receptionist
Laurelle Cree Receptionist

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