1. Does SJB have transportation?

Yes. St. John Brebeuf offers transportation via six buses that operate to and from Cloverdale, Langley, Mission, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford.

3 Langley Buses:  South Langley, Langley City, Cloverdale and Walnut Grove Areas
1 Mission Bus: Starting from East Abbotsford
2 Chilliwack Buses: Starting from Sardis and Chilliwack (St. Mary's area)
2. What defines a Category 1 student?

A Category 1 student is defined as an active member of one of the school’s seven supporting Parishes and that has been authorized by the Pastor by a Pastor's Authorization Form.

3. What defines a Category 2 student?

A Category 2 student is defined as a member of a Catholic Parish outside of the supporting Parishes of Saint John Brebeuf High School who has been authorized by the Pastor by a Pastor's Authorization Form

4. What defines a Category 3 Non - Catholic student?

A Category 3 student is defined as a student who is not a member of any Catholic Parish or is Non-Catholic.

5. Do all students have to enrol in a Religion course?

Yes. All students are required to enrol in a religion course each year.

6. What electives are available for students?

St. John Brebeuf offers the following electives: Drama, Photography, Information Technology, Art, Foods, and Concert Band. Additionally, St. John Brebeuf students may enrol in the Apprenticeship Program and begin work experience in a Red Seal  Trade.

  7. Do you offer scholarships for families who want to educate their children at St. John Brebeuf?

Families may apply for the Echon bursary which was set up by the school’s community to assist families who want a Catholic education, but are having financial difficulties.

8. Do Catholic schools enrol students with disabilities and special needs?

Yes. As a school that promotes “Reverence for Life”, the school accepts students with disabilities and special needs and builds an educational program which meets their needs.

9. How is faith formation developed in the Catholic school?

By embedding the knowledge of our faith within the instruction of the curriculum, students understand and deepen their knowledge of the Church and its teachings. Additionally, through Mass, monthly Adoration, the campus Ministry programs, and Religion courses, faith formation occurs.

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