Alumni Biography: Peter Wauthy

SJB: 1995 - 2000 Where do you currently live? Kelowna, BC Status: recently married in July ’12 to Erin Purdy-Wauthy, no children yet What memories of SJB remain with you? My key memories from SJB were the camaraderie with my teammates from playing volleyball and basketball. The countless stories and adventures we shared from magic hoop, to burgers at Wendy’s, to juggling or watching my brother lip sing at spirit week will always be remembered. The friendships that we forged still remain today 12 years or so later. I feel blessed to have gone to SJB where we shared a common faith and background, which contributed to our ongoing friendships. However, the one person that stood out the most for me was Mr. Green. The commitment from our coach Mr. Green or should we say “St. Byron” was incredible.  I will never forget the day he traded his Honda Civic for a 15 passenger Van so that he could drive “us” players around to games and tournaments. He would spend endless hours in the gym, always giving to the students. His commitment for student growth in athletics is a direct reason for my success in basketball at the college and university level. He is a humble, thoughtful, and kind man that I am grateful to have met. Thank you Mr. Green! If you could share a piece of wisdom with the current students at SJB, what would it be? If you don’t stumble along the way, than you’re not going hard enough. What are you currently doing? I am currently completing my second year of family medicine residency to be a rural family physician in BC.

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