Alumni Biography: Stephanie and Chris Gould

(SJB 2000-2005) Reflections on your time at SJB: I remember all the teachers. I love all the teachers at SJB. Every one of them cared about their students and one time I remember Mr. Brennan teaching our geography class and laying Tom Russell on top of a desk in the front of the class and pushing on his stomach to demonstrate what a volcano looked like when it spewed. I remember Mrs. Deruin giving up her free time and coming in on a Saturday to help math twelve students review for tests and she would bring coffee and donuts. I remember scaring Mrs. Keuster constantly and having her laugh instead of me being reprimanded. The teachers are what I remember most. Their generosity is something that will always be with me and they have inspired me to volunteer and give back to the community that has been so hospitable to me. When I was in grade nine we had the first drama program start up in SJB.  I got to try my hand at Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and a few other playwrights. Without this beginning I wouldn’t have got my theatre diploma or gone to film school. It instilled a passion in me that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. I also met my husband at SJB so that has had quite the impact on my life. I am now Mrs. Stephanie Gould married to Chris Gould who is the son of Minnie Gould (the old receptionist at SJB). We met in grade 8. Chris with his gold braces and me with my pink braces. We disliked each other greatly for the first 3 years of knowing each other. He would hide my locker lock in the boys bathroom and I would throw water at him when he least expected it. As time went on we decided to civilize ourselves towards each other enough for Chris to ask me to one of the SJB dances. After being told numerous times at the dance (by Mrs. Careen if I remember correctly) to leave room for the Holy Spirit we became inseparable for the remaining years of high school. After high school Chris went to Ontario and I did my film stuff and about five years after graduating we reunited and have been together ever since. So my whole life has been impacted by this amazing school. My words of wisdom would to be yourself because in the end yourself wins, and don’t put a “kick me sign” on a teachers back. Stephanie and Chris are currently married and live in Langley B.C.  She is currently painting and Chris is working on the Rigs.

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