English 11 (Mrs. Kuester)

Welcome to English 11. 

I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you have returned to school refreshed and eager to learn. I am excited to be your teacher this semester and to explore the delights of literature together. 

You will find the course syllabus here:

English 11 Course Overview 2017-18

Students are required to bring a novel to class each day to read during the first fifteen minutes of class. This independent novel should be one that they will enjoy reading. Our third book chat will be on December 8.

November 20-24

Monday: Vocabulary Quiz #2 and begin watching movie, Lord of the Flies.

Tuesday: Continue/finish watching movie.

Wednesday: Begin “Very Important Speeches” Project

Thursday: Poetry Day

Friday: Work on Speech Project

November 14-17

Tuesday and Wednesday: Read chapters 11 and 12 of the novel. Look at symbolism and discuss the meaning of this in the novel. Theme will also be discussed. Our third bookchat will be on December 8. For this third book, you may choose to read an historical novel, a biography, an autobiography, or some sort of informational book.

Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz #2 and continuation of discussion of themes and symbolism in the novel. Preparation for the essay tomorrow. Vocab. Quiz postponed to Monday

Friday: In-class essay on the novel. This will be the test for the novel. You will be writing on theme, symbolism, or characterization. This is out of 30 marks.

November 6-9

This week we read chapters 7-10 in the novel, wrote a paragraph on leadership based on several options desired in a good leader, and had a good discussion on the use and necessity of “masks.”

There are some people who have overdue work. Hopefully you will use the extra time over the weekend to complete the mask assignment, the “intensely important quotes,” and the paragraph on leadership.

October 30- November 3

Monday and Tuesday: Read chapters 5 and 6 in class. Work on intensely important quotes up until #5. Vocabulary booklet given out. Quiz on Friday, November 3.

Wednesday and Thursday: Work on mask assignment

Friday: Vocabulary quiz and bookchat. Begin reading chapter 7 of novel.

October 24-27

Introduction to Lord of the Flies.

Quiz on Friday, Oct. 27 on chapter 1 in the novel and first four pages of notes from booklet.

Seminar discussions in class for chapters 1-4 by end of the week.

October 16-19

Irony, Short Stories Test, Watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

October 10 – 13





Tuesday: Read original stories out in class

Wednesday: Continue reading original short stories out; if time, we will work on comprehension.

Thursday and Friday: Grade 11’s are away on their annual retreat. Enjoy!!

There will be a short stories unit test on Tuesday, October 17th. Study short stories terms. (handouts from last week)


October 2-6

Monday: Continue working on original short story and read Brooms for Sale (from Imprints anthology) – Block A or Wilhelm – Block D.

Study guides here for quiz: Short Story Notes Grade 11  and Unit 2 handout 1 Intro to Short Stories

Tuesday: Short Story Elements Quiz and comprehension exercises. If time, we will read another short story.

Wednesday: Original Short Story (first draft) due for editing and revising.

Thursday: Chromebooks used for good copy of Original short story.

Friday: Hand in good copies of short story and do some grammar exercises.

September 25- 29

Some students have not handed in their descriptive writing packages and/or their compare/contrast paragraphs. These are overdue. Please hand them in today.

Short Stories unit continues – The Father and The Secret LIfe of Walter Mitty questions are due on Tuesday.

Wednesday: short story writing as a group in class. Assignment given to write a short story individually. The first draft of the story is due on Wednesday, Oct. 4, for in-class editing and revision. There will be a quiz on short story elements on Tuesday, October 3.

Thursday: planning and begin first draft of original short story. Read Test and discuss in class. (from Imprints anthology)

Friday: First bookchat for the semester. You may bring snacks if you like. If there is any extra time, we will work on grammar.

September 18-22

This week we will continue to work on persuasive and descriptive writing, have the biographical profiles marked and returned, and begin the short story unit. The descriptive writing package is due at the beginning of class Thursday.

The compare/contrast paragraph on the song and poem was due at the end of class Thursday.

September 11-15

Continue to work on biographical profile; the good copy is due at the end of class on Wednesday.

Work on persuasive and descriptive writing, and continue assignment on sentence completion.

September 5-8

During this first three days of school, we have begun writing interview questions for a biographical profile, completed one comprehension exercise for practice, and begun an assignment on sentence completion. Both of the latter assignments are formative in nature as they will help students to improve both comprehension and vocabulary. The biographical profile will be completed in class next week.