English 12 (Mrs. Tobin-Careen)

ENGLISH 12 PIC 2017 ENGLISH 12 OVERVIEW Semester Two 2017

Week of June 12th and June 19th -Last call for Afrika Road Collages (current submissions are amazing and have surpassed all expectations) -Term papers are due -Research Presentations in small groups -June Exam Prep -Students from Mrs. TC's BLOCKS A, C, and or D who are writing and or re-writing the Provincial Exam MUST be here on Friday, June 23rd 

Week of May 30th Flowers for Algernon Personal ResponseiStock_Korean food Afrika Road: 11x17 Setting Collage and Writing your own Road Coming soon...Multi-cultural Lunch on Friday...

Week of May 23rd English 12 Research Paper Criteria

Week of April 24th & May 1stiStock_Hamlet Skull Photo -Hamlet Acts I-V  -Rhetorical Analysis Presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday -Notes for 14 plus 1 due on Wednesday -Ethos, Pathos, and Logos of commercials -Rhetorical Analysis 2017 Ad reviews -Rhetorical Analysis 2017 Presentation Notes Happy Birthday to William Shakespeare April 23rd -English 12 and AP Literature Semester Two Remaining 2017

Week of April 18th to the 21stMary Magdalene, Mary, & Salom walking up to the bright empty tomb of Jesus Christ early Sunday morning, Showing Golgotha in the background. -Happy Easter -Upload your Death By Scrabble Synthesis Paragraph to your G Drive -Read I Sing the Song Of My Condo -Financial Planning Activity for Post Secondary and Beyond -Coming up Rhetorical Analysis of commercials 

Week of April 10thiStock_cross and scarf-Synthesis Essay Week

-MAP exercise -Anecdotal Reports are going home soon -Death by Scrabble on Monday -check out the Black Out Poetry Display -Have a beautiful Easter Weekend
Week of April 3rd -Review Friday's Synthesis Essay poetry word in mixed vintage metal type printing blocks over grunge wood -Poetry Response -Composition -Synthesis Essay -Reading Comprehension -Provincial Exam on Thursday, April 6th -Black Out Poetry on Friday

Week of March 27th Welcome back from a rainy Spring Break!Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage style -Reviewing feedback on the Character Analysis Papers -Re-Introducing Poetry -In-class Poetry Activities Galore -find a poem to memorize -Thematic Poetry and analysis

Have a restful, safe, and fun-filled Spring Break. See you back here on March 27th.

iStock_bear and booksWeek of March 6 -Monday to Wednesday-work on your character analysis essays in class -Read Cinderella for Tuesday's class and complete the inversion Chart for Cinderella & The Necklace (Tues.) -Character Analysis Papers must be uploaded to your G Drive on or before Friday, March 10th at the beginning of your English 12 Block -Reading Comprehension #2 on Friday during class

Week of February 27thwine and bible -Ten Year Plans are due this week March 3rd -Continue working on the Character Analysis -intro paragraphs are due on Thursday, March 2nd -Ash Wednesday Mass -FINAL Papers are due on March 10th -Review of Integrating Quotations (handout) -Submit the first set of Reading Comprehension Scores at the end of class on Friday; Read Cinderella for Tuesday's (March 7th) class


Week of February 20th                                                                          -Come to class on Monday prepared to discuss The Necklace; summary, message, and irony wine and bible -Prepare graphic organizers for one of the main characters from The Necklace -Complete your ten year plan 2017-2027 (Focusing on Health, Personal, and Career Goals) -two presentations this week: MADD and Bully Awareness  -No A Block on Thursday ( Mass Day Schedule)

Week of February 14th iStock_Books -Welcome back and Happy Valentines -persuasive writing group exercise -personal narrative planning -Composition Friday -assigned reading for the Character Analysis Paper

Week of February 6th -For those of you who have uploaded your biographical writing...THANK YOU -if you have not uploaded/shared your biographical writing, please do so ASAP -For Monday, February 6th please complete the following descriptive writing activities (all of which are in your handouts...here's an extra copy... Student handouts for February 2017- -Chart of Senses and Colour ConnotationsiStock_Books -Sounds -Life Snapshots -Details of an object -Movement -Peripheral Vision -and Favourite Place -and yes point form is acceptable for some of these exercises (use your discretion)

For Tuesday (7th) and Wednesday (8th), please continue to work on the Descriptive Writing exercises outlined in your February Handout Package (linked above). -drawing ( you will need a partner for this one) -conjecturing -Elemental Writing -Memory -Evoking or Empathy for given characters Once you have finished your Descriptive Writing Activities, read over the specifications for an upcoming Persuasive Writing Class. In preparation for your class, write two paragraphs (about 150 words each). -One on what you believe to be the greatest invention of all time -another on a more controversial topic (something that you are quite opinionated about-either strongly opposed to or in support of...  ) -DO NOT UPLOAD your descriptive and or persuasive writing to the G-Drive, it will be assessed in class next week -Read the Sample Composition from Handout 14 iStock_Bear Toy Drive -Enjoy your snow days with a good book (Don't forget your silent reading time) -if you have to travel, stay safe as the roads are messy -Reminder: SC will continue the PRISON Ministry Toy Drive Collection next week.
  Week of January 30thbible and candle -Welcome to English 12 Semester Two -Please peruse the English 12 Student Handouts -we will open our semester with biographical interviews -Have a blessed Candlemas Day English 12 Student handouts February 2017
Week of January 16th -we will work in the computer lab this week  so please go there immediately after the morning bell -for those of you who submitted your synthesis, scores were emailed back on Saturday evening. -continuing with provincial preparation;  synthesis, paragraph, composition, and two more reading comprehension exercises before Friday -re-writes and re-submission will be accepted up to January 19th
Week of January 9th -Please note that I am away on Monday for a Curriculum In-Service Day -We will be working in the computer lab this week, so go straight to the lab after the first bell -for those of you who have not submitted last Friday's synthesis essay, please do so asap -for those of you who did submit your synthesis for January 6th, I have assessed and returned your papers with comments via email -Login to the BC provincial exam site and work on the e-exams that are posted -complete and submit via email with a paragraph, synthesis, or composition -if you have not already done so, please re-do and re-submit a reading comprehension score -you can also work on any previous paper that you would like to have re-assessed -PLEASE make sure that you have booked your GRAD photo session
Week of January 3rd -Welcome back and Happy New Year -Submit your re-writes on or before January 13th -Reminder to book your grad photo sessions online -Major Focus this week: Synthesis Essay -upcoming...provincial prep package 
  istock_merry-christmas-1 istock_nativity-3

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay Safe!

Week of December 5th and 12th     istock_nativity-2 -Rhetorical Analysis Time -be prepared to start presenting in small groups on Tuesday -Reviewing Adverts, Photos, Music, Commercials, Posters, etc. -rhetorical-analysis-2016-web-editionistock_bear-toy-drive-Reminder to bring Gift cards for our Sponsored Families for Christmas 2016 -Book chat on Friday, December 9th (bring snacks) TB re-scheduled
Week of November 28

advent wreath with christmas tree

-assembly in the gym on Monday morning for the beginning of Advent -Meet in the Computer Lab for Classes Monday-Wednesday -Hamlet Papers are due on Wednesday -complete with citations and bibliography  -Upcoming projects: Advertising and Rhetorical Analysis -start paying attention to commercials...more info to follow!

Week of November 14th and 21stistock_hamlet-skull-photo -Continue with Hamlet -Hamlet Research Essay Paper due on November 30th -Hamlet Essay Options: Quotation Synthesis, Research Question, or The Lion King Synthesis hamlet-essay-topics-2016-2017 -Submit your Concrete Poems Email your fourth Reading Comprehension Scores ASAP. Student-Teacher conferences this week to review your current assessment (%)
Week of November 7th istock_remembrance-day -Friday's Synthesis Essays will be returned on Monday -Our feedback session will be on Tuesday -Introduction to Hamlet -re-capp of Sunday's readings -In-class Reading Comprehension on Thursday -Last call for FWP...email yours today! -Hamlet Research Paper Assigned on November 10th Due on November 30th

The week of October 31all-saints-day-wishes-wallpaper -Friday's Synthesis essays will be returned with feedback on October 31st -Perusing Synthesis Essay sample responses -Free Write Poetry -Visual Poetry Class -Small group poetry discussions and share-out sessions -meet in the computer lab on Friday for Synthesis Essay #2 Halloween, All Saints, All Souls: What's the Difference?

The Week of October 25th -Tuesday (I am poems...Samples posted throughout outmc-soccer-ball classroom) -Please email your completed I am Poems this week and put your name and I am in the SUBJECT line of your email -Afrika Road (personal response: writing from the perspective of an animate object or place) -Class Discussion of the role of place in Literature with reference to Afrika Road and History Lesson -Poetry Response on Friday in the lab -introduction to Synthesis Essay Writing -Mass Day Schedule on Thursday

The week of October 17th -Poetry Week -Song Analysis -History Lesson by Jeannette Armstrong -Find an image for your concrete Poem -Character Analysis Papers were returned on October 17th (Please read the suggested edits and resubmit accordingly)
The week of October 11 -Putting the finishing touches on our Character Analysis Papers -introducing poetry
Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage style Time to focus on Poetry...bring your favourite pieces  to class this week!
Quirky Canadian Spelling Links canadian-vs-american-spelling canadian-english
The week of October 3 -on Monday we will review and discuss Friday's Compositions -Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be designated to James Joyce's A Little Cloud -Student-Teacher conferences will be  ongoing this week, to edit and talk about introductory paragraphs for the Character Analysis Paper
  book-and-computerThe week of September 26th -Last call for Biographies -Your persuasve writing exercises are now DUE!  -Submit your Ten Year Plan -Read A Little Cloud -Let the character analysis process begin -Bring two different colour highlighters daily
The week of September 19th Monday: Compositions from last Friday will be wine-and-bible given back today with descriptive feedback. Tuesday: We will finish our Persuasive Writing Exercises-Greatest Invention and Controversial Issue Wednesday: Biographies are due today. Please email your final copy to me for printing. We will work on our Ten Year Plans.  Thursday: Please note that we will lose Block A: Mass Day Schedule.  Friday: Altered schedule for the Terry Fox Run.  Block A will be one hour.

istock_email-logoThe week of September 12th Monday: Compositions from Friday, September 9th will be given back today  Tuesday: Continue working on Biography Questions and Interviews  Wednesday: Continue working on the Biography Questions and Interviews  Thursday: Finalize your Biography Write ups and email them by next Tuesday  Friday: In class Composition in the Main Lab stobincareen@stjohnbrebeuf.ca      Please Include your name, assignment topic, block, and date in the SUBJECT line of each email that you send to me this semester. 

The week of September 5th at a glance

iStock_BooksMonday-Enjoy Labour Day Tuesday-I will be getting ready for your arrival Wednesday-Getting to know you Thursday-Going Forward Friday-Our first writing session Bring a novel of choice to class 
unit-one-student-handouts-2016 Recommended Web Links  English 12 Provincial Preparation Notes Please click this link for a comprehensive breakdown of very helpful suggestions for the Provincial Exam . Good Luck!!! Past Provincial Exams from the BC Ministry of Education Please click this site for access to past provincial exams, specifications, and other resources.

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