English 8 (Ms. Gillespie)

Welcome to English 8!

Course Outline

Independent Novel – We will be silent reading at the beginning of each class for 15 mins.  Please bring your independent novel to each class.  The first assignment will be due after Spring Break.

Fri., Mar. 10 – Chapter One The Outsiders / New Chapter Titles – Chapter One

Thurs., Mar. 9 – Introduction “The Outsiders” – S.E. Hinton

Wed., Mar. 8 – Fairy Tale Movie – The Princess Bride

Tues., Mar. 7 – Fairy Tale Movie – The Princess Bride

Mon., Mar. 6 – Quiz Story Elements / Reading Comprehension practice

Test – There will be a test at the end of this unit on Story Elements Notes (Mon., Mar. 6)

Due Date: Hero Visual Quilt Square – Mon., Mar. 6

Fri., Mar. 3 – Work on visual piece for Hero Assignment – due Mon.

Thurs., Mar. 2 – Work on Story Elements from “The Parsley Garden” / Reading Comprehension #1

Wed., Mar. 1 – Finish reading “The Parsley Garden” / Discussion about story elements/ Write out Story elements

Tues., Feb. 28 – Read “The Parsley Garden” / Introduction to Hero Visual Assignment (Hero Quilt Square)

Mon., Feb. 27 – Edit Hero paragraphs / Second draft of paragraphs – Due Wed.

Fri., Feb. 24 – Finish 1st draft of Hero Paragraph / mini presentations

Thurs., Feb. 23 – Brainstorm, organize, and begin Hero Paragraph

Wed., Feb. 22 – Paragraph Writing Process – Your Everyday Hero / Brainstorm and Organization

Tues., Feb. 21 – Finish paragraph (A Hero’s Welcome) / Choose one of two written pieces to edit and hand in (“Snow Day” or “Da Trang”) / read independent novel

Mon., Feb. 20 – Write paragraph answer (“A Hero’s Welcome)

Fri., Feb. 17 – Notes – Story Elements (finished)/ Finish reading “A Hero’s Welcome” – discussion

Thurs., Feb. 16 – Listen to podcast CBC – Storyteller: Stuart McLean “Dave Cooks the Turkey”/ RIP to our fellow Canadian / Read “A Hero’s Welcome” (pg 59 in text)

Wed., Feb. 15 – Notes – Story Elements /Finish sharing fables, myths, and fairy tales/ Homework – Choose an “everyday hero” to write about next week (they must be an adult and you must know them personally)

Tues., Feb. 14 – Hand in descriptive paragraph – Snow / Notes – Story Elements / Share fables, myths, and fairy tales

Mon., Feb. 13 – no school – Family Day

Thurs., Feb. 9 – Fri., Feb. 10 – no school – Catholic Educators’ Conference

Wed., Feb. 8 – Write a descriptive paragraph about snow (6-10 sentences).  Think about what it smells, feels, and looks like.  What does it feel like to walk and play in it.  Due next week Tues.

Tues., Feb. 7 – Read your novel (independent one from school or another one you read at home for homework) for 1 hour / have your fable/fairy tale ready for next week

Mon., Feb. 6 – Write a short fable, myth, or fairy tale (1 pg or less) / base the story around a lesson or explain how something came to be / you organized the ideas on Friday / be ready to read aloud on Tues.

Fri., Feb. 3 – No class – Big Bear games

Thurs., Feb. 2 – “Feathers In the Wind” fable / discussion / organize a fairy tale, myth, or fable in pairs

Wed., Feb. 1 – Da Trang Questions / Fairy tale Elements – Notes

Mon., Jan. 30 – Tues., Jan. 31 – Course Outline /Class expectations/ Library – sign out a novel / Parent Signatures on Course Outline due Tues. / Da Trang Folktale 

I am looking forward to this new semester and I sincerely hope that each of you have already experienced, and will continue to experience, a marvelous first year at SJB.  English 8 will focus on expanding students’ literary knowledge and linguistic skills.  Students will have opportunities to practice written and oral communication, as well as analytical and critical thinking.

God Bless,

Miss Gillespie

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