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Week of June 12th and 19th -Term Research Paper Presentations (Small group and or Whole Class -Tuesday, June 13th Candle Passing Mass -June Exam Prep -Students from Mrs. TC's Blocks A, C, and or D who are writing and or re-writing the English 12 Provincial Exam MUST be here on June 23rd
Week of May 23th -AP Literature Term Research Paper Criteria -Important Dates May 31st and June 9th
  Week of May 8thgrad cap -Revue Tea prep for May 31st English Literature 12 Revue Tea -Term Research Paper due on June 9th -Class Agreed Criteria for our Term Research Paper -Enjoy your Grade 12 Retreat -the count down is on ...REMINDER to submit your grad dinner and dance ticket order form now!
 iStock_TURTLE 1Week of May 1st -The AP exam is on Wednesday, May 3rd -See the Week of April 28th for excellent exam review links  -Finish up all of your review essays and multiple choice -zone in on TWO of your top choice novels  -review the list of open ended response questions
Weeks of  April 18th-28th  Please click the link below  for a more detailed schedule of what we will be working on over the next few weeks in preparation for the AP exam on May 3rd.
  Week of February 27th wine and bible-Feedback and discussion of The Black Walnut Tree -Diagnostic Test this week for AP exam -share out of Infographics (amazing work) -Ash Wednesday Mass -In class analysis (unseen poem)
Week of February 20th -Infographics are due on Friday -AP Prep Books are here and distributed; time to set a study timetable -The Mandalas are amazing; remaining presentations this week -Presentations: MADD and Bullying Awareness -Mass on Thursday -The Black Walnut Tree In Class Analysis February 24th
Week of February 14thiStock_Books -Mandalas are due on Thursday -AP Prep books should arrive this week  -review the four selections covered independently during the "Snowcation" -The anxieties and uncertainties of the Victorian Period are reflected in its literature -Creating an Infographic -Happy Valentines
Week of February 6th -Monday, February 6th BecauCup of coffee on a wooden table, in an outdoor cafese I Could Not Stop for Death WEB EDITION -Read Because I Could Not Stop for Death  -outline the literal meaning of the poem -make notes on the allegorical/metaphoric (think metaphor/figurative) significance of the journey -analyze the metaphorical significance of the four lines in the chart -how does Dickinson create tone? Rhyme Scheme? Diction? Poetic Devices? plus any other two that you want to add (no need to print the charts) -Peruse some Emily Dickinson Quotes and bring your favourites to class NEXT week
Tuesday, February 7th -Preview the Prezi Link of Emily Bronte's Song -EMILY BRONTE SONG pdf -Margaret Atwood Disembarking at Quebec (TWIST, DIDLS, and LEAD)
  Wednesday, February 8th -Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night YouTube Reading -Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good night -An Analysis via YouTube by Alex Flower There are a number of readings of the poem on YouTube, including one by Dylan Thomas. 
Ongoing and or previously assigned -MANDALA Designs are due on February 16th (a great SNOWDAY project) -EXTRA (just in case you need some more work..) -With reference to any three pieces from the 20th century, discuss the significance of symbolism (PARAGRAPH only) -Don't forget to enjoy some Silent Reading TimeiStock_Bear Toy Drive -If you have to go out and about, stay safe...the roads are a mess and there's more snow on the way -Upcoming...AP Sampler Exam plus an in class response this week -Reminder: SC will continue the PRISON Ministry Toy Drive Collection next week. 
Week of January 3othbook and computer -Thank you for your impressive book presentations on January 25th -in class assessments from exam week will be returned to you asap -Mandela Designs are due on February 16th MANDALA TEMPLATE The Mandala Template  Ring Details  AP Exam Writing Tips  Open Ended Questions from 1970-2016
What to expect during our Assessment Block on Wednesday, January 25th -Book Presentations (2 minutes per student) 60 minutes -Literary Scavenger Hunt (30 minutes) -Analysis of an unseen poem/paragraph response (60 minutes)
Week of January 16th -continuing with the Victorian and 20th Century Literature Selections -Ulysses, My Last Duchess, and Sonnet 43 should be submitted -Please email your synthesis essays upon completion -Novel and Mandela Assignment coming up....more details to follow... -for students writing the English 12 provincial on January 24th, you will be working on prep questions this week: reading comprehension, synthesis, paragraph, and composition -AP sample test scheduled for Wednesday, January 25th -Grad Photo Sessions are booked for this week 
Week of January 9th istock_happy-birthday-1 -If you submitted your Ulysses Paragraph on or before Saturday, you should have your feedback via email -if you are planning to write the provincial in January, please work on the online e-exams on the BC Provincial Exam site; submit your reading comprehension scores -our weekly focus is to continue with the Victorian and 20th Century Literature Selections -I am away on Monday-in my absence please read Sonnet 43 and write a draft/outline response for the assigned paragraph discussing the imagery used in the poem -Novel and Mandela Assignment coming up....more details to follow.-
  Week of January 3rd -Welcome Back and Happy New Year -Major focus for this week will be the Synthesis Essay -Start our last unit of required readings -Provincial Prep sessions ongoing ap-lit-unit-4-paragraph-assignments twist-soapstone-lit-12-stc-colour


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay Safe!

 Week of December 12th -finish all reviews and any outstanding charts -Have Hamlet read for Tuesday's class (a snowday just for you to read Hamlet) -Submit your Friday's Syntheis essay ASAP -New Christmas Themed Synthesis Essay will be assigned on Tuesday and due on Friday

Week of December 5th -Review of 18th Century and Romantic Literature -Assign Hamlet for Independent Reading istock_hamlet-skull-photo (class discussion of Hamlet Tuesday December 13th) -Synthesis Essay Assignment -AP sample exam
Week of November 27th -Finish all of the reviews and assignments for 18th Century and Romantic Literature -Independent Reading of Hamlet to be assigned next Wednesday -Term Research Paper and Mandela
Week of November 21st

advent wreath with christmas tree

-My Heart Leaps Up / The World is Too Much with Us -The Rime of the Ancient Mariner -Elegy Written in A Country Churchyard-Stages and Evidence -Synthesis Essay on Friday -School mass this week -Wishing the staff and students a wonderful Play Week! -Advent Begins on November 27th

  mouse-305459_960_720Week of November 14th -To a Mouse/To a Louse (Team Approach) -The Tiger/The Lamb (Symbolism charts) -Synthesis Essay Session: Death by Scrabble and The Dumka -Discuss Relationships and other possible synthesis topics -SCRABBLE Day coming soon!  
Week of November 7th istock_remembrance-day -Feedback session on Monday based on Friday's In-Class Compositions -Introduce the  18th Century and Romantic Era readings -To the Ladies -The Rape of the Lock (card game day) -A Modest Proposal: Classroom Discussion of SATIRE.  
  Week of October 31st all-saints-day-wishes-wallpaper -Monday: Feedback Session based on Friday's in-class compositions -Tuesday: Review Catch-up session -Wednesday: Finish the Renaissance Recommended Readings / Baking Class -Thursday: Read With Me Presentations -Handout: Sample AP Free Response Essay Topics -Friday: In-class Composition  
Week of October 25th -Tuesday's class is designated to ourbible-and-candle Read With Me Posters -We will finish up all Reviews for Renaissance Readings by Friday except The Fire of London -Feature Piece for the week Paradise Lost -On His Blindness Reflection + Parable of Talents -The Road Not Taken: Composition -Composition Sample will be shared on Thursday -Writing an in-class composition this Friday -Mass Day Schedule on Thursday   
Week of October 17th -Continue with our October Focus (link below) -Read and respond to Valediction Forbidding Mourning,  Death Be Not Proud, and To the Virgins (Socratic Seminar Style) -Unit One essays and feedback were returned on October 17th...please read the suggested edits and resubmit your papers ASAP -Our ap-lit-comp-sonnet-shaker-2016Read With Me presentation date is coming soon! (posters due on October 26th) -Sonnet Review from our Sonnet Shaker Day -Read Paradise Lost for next week -Online Comprehension Lesson on Thursday -Reminder: Long Weekend ahead -Coming Up: The Road Not Taken/Decision Making/Composition Writing Assignment  
Week of October 11th 
Cup of coffee on a wooden table, in an outdoor cafe

Cup of coffee on a wooden table, in an outdoor cafe

ap-lit-and-comp-focus-for-unit-2-2016For Read With Me 2016 Details click here read-with-me-2016 -Mark your calendar: -Unit essays are due on October 14th -Major Works are also being assessed this week -And…unit two details are posted…see October’s Line up! Canadian Spelling Quirks canadian-english canadian-vs-american-spelling
  Week of October 3rd -ongoing descriptive feedback and student-teacher conferencing daily on unit one essays -Unit one essays, finalized editions due on or before  October 14th -major works due this week on or before October 7th -unit 2 readings were assigned on October 6th
Week of September 26th -our in class Writing Week -select one of your five outlines and use it to plan your essay -make sure you have everything from the Anglo-Saxon Period submitted -review your GradeBook Pro data reports before we meet on Tuesday -ongoing descriptive feedback and student-teacher conferencing daily

Week of September 19th Introducing Ballads-Get up and Bar the Door, Bonnie Barbara Alanturtle -Review -Essay Outline Assigned Reading: Gawain and the Green Knight Major Works Due on October 7th (samples will be on display this week) Due this week: Beowulf Outline and Review Canterbury Tales Character Charts (2) and Essay Outline Canterbury Tales Modern Day Pilgrim

Week of September 12th Finish Beowulf Outlineistock_email-logo Read Canterbury Tales Select and analyze any two pilgrims canterbury-tales-chart-2016 Share-out of your personal observations on Friday Create a Modern Day Pilgrim Link Below: creating-a-modern-day-pilgrim-2016 Please include your name, date, assignment title, and block in all email correspondence to stobincareen@stjohnbrebeuf.ca
  iStock_Books The Anglo-Saxon Period at a glance: September 16th Beowulf September 23rd Chaucer Septemebr 30th Up and Bar the Door October 7th Gawain and The Green Knight October 14th The Device of Journey  


Where are they now?  Came across this beautiful photo of our annual AP Lit Tea Review...wishing all continued success in your endeavours!


The Anglo-Saxon Period

Concept image of the six most common questions and answers on a signpost. AP English Lit Unit One ap-essay-1-outline-beowulf AP Essay 2 Outline Chaucer AP Essay 3 Outline Get Up and Bar the Door AP Essay 4 Gawain and the Green Knight AP Essay 5 Unit 1 Device of Journey

iStock_bear and booksSpecified Readings for AP Literature

Specified Reading List for Adventures in English Literature Athena Edition AP Recommended Reading List  


Review Template and a Student Completed Sample 

AP English Literature and Composition Review Sheets SAMPLE FOR STUDENTS TO FOLLOW OF AN AP English Literature and Composition Review Sheet

Major Works 2016-2017

A MAJOR WORKS submission is due October 9th book-and-computer For AP English Literature Major Works Alternate Submissions Form, click here istock_1984AP Major Works Data Sheet for Novels
English 12 Provincial Preparation Notes Please click this link for a comprehensive breakdown of helpful suggestions for the Provincial Exam. Good Luck!! Past Provincial Exams from BC Minisitry of Education Please click this link for past provincials, exam specifications, and other resources.

Recommended AP Lit and Comp Sites 

https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-english-literature-and-composition  Please click here for Previous Free Response Questions  and AP graded sample responseshttp://quizlet.com/23033303/ap-english-literature-and-composition-literary-terms-flash-cards/ http://teacherweb.com/WA/CloverParkHighSchool/MsSelby/What-to-Expect-on-the-AP-English-Literature-and-Composition-Exam.pdf http://alyssagoesgreen.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Get-a-5-on-The-AP-Literature-Exam

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