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French 10 Course Overview2016-17 spring

Francais 10 eNotes for Students and Parents Mme Henneveld

le 6 mars

Bonjour!  In French 10 this week we are reviewing the verbs ‘Avoir’ and ‘Etre’, and there will be a test on Wednesday.  Students will write this test until they achieve a perfect score, and hopefully that will be everyone before Friday.  Here is the test:

avoir et etre test

As well this week we continue to work on our play in groups and we will begin to work on our unique endings to the story.   Students are working on activities in class and some students are bringing them home to work on before spring break.

We begin our new vocabulary list but the test will be after the break.  As well we are reviewing lots of spelling and grammar guidelines and after spring break we will learn how to make (and recognize) the past tense.   I wish everyone a good break.

Madame Henneveld

le 27 fevrier

Bonjour!  This week we continue in French 10 with reviewing new vocabulary, practicing grammar skills, and continuing to add to our list of ‘questions orales’.   We have begun our second vocab list:

qacs vocab liste b avec anglais

The quiz for this list will be this Thursday, March 2.

As well this week, we will continue with the play and activities, and will look at favourite roles in preparation for groups and learning lines.

Have a great week!

Madame Henneveld


le 20 fevrier

Bonjour!   This week in French 10 we will have our first vocabulary quiz, for liste A, on Wednesday, February 22.   The list is attached below.

As well this week, we continue to become familiar with our first play, and start activities based on the play.  Our list of ‘questions orales’ is growing and we practice these regularly.  Students are quickly becoming more proficient and using more French in class.

Have a great week!

Madame Henneveld



le 6 fevrier

Bonjour grade 10 students!   Along with the video of our new play (see below), please look over our first vocabulary list, as attached here, with the English.  There will be a quiz on this vocabulary next week.

qacs vocab liste a

Also, please keep in mind the Open House French cafe which will be held next Thursday (the 16th).  Any help will be appreciated.  As well, if parents would like to bake cookies for this event, i will sign off on volunteer hours.


Madame Henneveld


le 5 fevrier

Ooh la la!   La neige!   I hope everyone enjoys their extra day(s?) off with this snow, and stays safe.   This week in French 10 we will continue with review, get to know our new play, ‘Qui Arrive Ce Soir?’, and begin our first vocabulary list.    To make up for lost time, i have found a copy of a performance of this play on Youtube.  It is performed by a group of students from the Netherlands, another country which uses the same French program that we do.   Have a look, and try to get a sense of the story:

Have a good week,

Madame Henneveld


le 31 janvier
Bonjour!   Welcome to French 10!  I try to update this website weekly to let you know what is happening in class and to attach any essential information for work that needs to happen at home.

This week, in French 10, we are reviewing and slowly waking up the French vocabulary that lies dormant in our brains.  We are looking at how a dictionary works, and we will start looking at our new play (Qui Arrive Ce Soir?) before the end of the week.  As well, we are establishing some routine part of our class, such as ‘questions orales’ and journal writing.   For more about our program and curriculum, see the overview and notes attached above.

Merci, and have a great week!

Madame Henneveld


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