French 12 (M. Fraser)


Bonjour les enfants!

My New Simple French Reading Site: French Reading Website See Mr. Fraser for instructions and password to access the site. French Travel Blog Instructions
  1. Choose a destination (research a community in France that you would like to visit).
  2. Write your introductory letter. You will need to actually look up flights and trains that will get you to your destination. I recommend that you use the Air Transat site for flights and for trains in France.
  3. Create a virtual profile on the travel pod site. You may create a humorous profile (anything is ok as long as it is appropriate).
  4. Learn how to post entries in the form of photographs (you will only have one overall "entry" in your travel blog but you will have multiple photographs attached to it). Be sure that the captions are written (in French of course!) directly beside each photograph so a reader can simply move from picture to picture to read your blog.
  5. Each topic should have at least 2 photos with captions.
  6. Do your first entry. Post your first photos (your host family). You may choose any family you want. Humour is welcome! Write a caption beside each photo. Captions should be 3-4 sentences minimum.
If you have any questions please email me.   2017 TRAVEL BLOG

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