French 8 (Mme. Henneveld)

French 8 Course Overview2016-17 Francais 8eNotes for Students and Parents Mme Henneveld   le 2 juin Wow.   The semester is winding down.  There are several important things coming up in French 8.  As we prepare to present the plays (Wednesday, June 7), students are also finishing up their activities.  As well, there will be a final test for Louis la Grenouille next Friday, June 9.  There will be a short vocab section on it from our review list: Louis la Grenouille Vocab Utile but otherwise, the test will be be a review of the activities that students have completed. As well next week, we are putting together a sandwich presentation.  Students are writing a recipe and will be presenting their recipe to the class.   During this week, we will write rough drafts and have them edited, and organize ingredients.   Presentations will happen the week of June 12.  Here are the instructions: Le Sandwich des Rêves Meanwhile, exams are coming.   The week of June 12, we will begin our oral exams.  Students are practicing their 'questions orales' to prepare for this.  As well, we will be doing our listening exam that week, which does not involve a lot of studying.   During exam week, students will be writing an exam and doing some reflecting on the semester with the contents of their portfolios.   All their semester's work will come home that day.   Next week we will be putting together a review package to help students prepare for the end of the term.  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. Merci! Madame Henneveld le 24 mai Bonjour!   In French 8 this week we are spending time learning about and discussing food.  We have started a little lunch making project (all written) in anticipation of our sandwich presentation (more info coming soon).   As well, we continue to learn vocab related to Louis la Grenouille, but no test is in the forecast.  Instead we are using the vocabulary in activities and in class.  Students are working on learning their lines and completing activities based on the play as well. Have a great week, Madame Henneveld le 15 mai Bonjour!   This week we continue to practice the play and learn our lines in French 8.  As well, we are speaking lots of French in class, especially with using our 'questions orales'.   Activities are coming along; a few students may be bringing their folders home to catch up a bit. Our new list is here, and there will be a quiz this Thursday already, so we are practicing the words a lot in class.  Here is the list: Vocabulaire liste C LOUIS LA GRENOUILLE avec anglais As well this week we will start discussing vocabulary relating to food.  There will be a mini project introduced in a few weeks!  (: Have a great week! Madame Henneveld   le 8 mai Bonjour!    We are well into our play, 'Louis la Grenouille', and all students have groups and roles.  We are practicing lots and working on activities.   There is a new vocabulary list: Vocabulaire liste B LOUIS LA GRENOUILLE avec anglais and the quiz will be this Friday, May 12. As well in class, we are finishing up our 'questions orales' and will spend lots of time in class practicing and preparing for our oral exam at the end of the semester. Have a great week! Madame Henneveld le 25 avril Bonjour!   This week in French 8 we are finishing up with Salut Mon Ami.  Students are re-telling the story in their own words, and many students are coming at lunch to get help finishing up activities.   As well, in class we are reviewing lots of vocabulary and practicing our list of 'questions orales'.   The final test for Salut Mon Ami has been written and will be looked over together on Wednesday.   This week we will begin looking at our new play, 'Louis la Grenouille', and starting our first vocab list for the play.    The quiz for this list will be next week Friday, May 5.  Here is the list: Vocab Liste A LOUIS LA GRENOUILLE with english Have a great week! Madame Henneveld le 13 avril Bonjour.  This week we have been reviewing vocabulary with a written activity, and practising the play to prepare for the big presentations which will be next week Wednesday and Thursday.  Students have been bringing in props and memorizing lines.   Likely most students will bring their folders home over the long weekend, but activities do not need to all be completed; rather, they can work on learning lines and preparing to present. Next week, after the play presentations, students will be completing play work and activities and preparing for the final test (likely Friday, April 21).   Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting with many parents at parent-teacher interviews next Thursday. I pray everyone has a blessed and meaningful Easter! Madame Henneveld     le 27 mars Welcome back!   We are easing back into French with lots of review.   We have a new vocab list with many useful words on it.   It is a longer list, so we will take a few extra days before the test which will be the middle of next week.  Here is liste E: Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection Enom Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection E avec anglais Meanwhile, we are working hard on our play activities and on learning our lines with our groups.   Presentations of the play will be in a few weeks.  Students that need some extra time to finish their activities may be bringing their folders home.   Please let me know if anyone needs some extra help or explanation. Have a great week! Madame Henneveld     le 6 mars Bonjour!  This week in French 8 we continue to review lots of vocabulary.  Students are writing their liste C test today, as so many students were away on Friday.   We will do liste D this week as well, but the test (Friday) will be open book.  As we cover so much vocabulary the activities based on our play will make more sense.  Liste D includes many basic words found in the play.  Here it is: Salut Mon Ami Vocabulaire Section D avec anglais As well this week, we continue to practice our 'questions orales' and how to tell time.   I wish everyone a wonderful spring break! Madame Henneveld le 27 fevrier Bonjour!  We have begun our play activities and are becoming more familiar with the play, Salut Mon Ami.   Students are speaking more and more French in class, as they work and interact.   We will choose roles and form groups in the next week or so. There is a new vocabulary list: Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection Cnom avec anglais The test for this list will be this Friday, March 3.   Meanwhile, we are adding to our list of 'questions orales', reviewing how to tell time, and reviewing lots of classroom vocab. Have a great week! Madame Henneveld   le 20 fevrier Bonjour!  We are making excellent progress in French 8, with students recognizing and speaking familiar phrases every day.  We have written the first quiz and will start our second list today, with the quiz being this Friday, February 24.  Here is the list: Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection B avec anglais This week, we begin our first play, 'Salut Mon Ami'.  All work for this play will stay in the classroom unless students need to spend some extra time on their activities.   As well, this week we will start learning how to tell time in French, and we continue to add to and practice our ongoing list of 'questions orales'. Have a great week! Madame Henneveld   le 6 fevrier Bonjour again.   Well, today i walked through three feet drifts to make it to the school to get the grade 8 vocabulary list that i would have liked to teach this week.   Though we haven't practiced it together yet, most of the words have already been introduced to students in the first few classes.   The following attachment is the first official vocabulary list for grade 8s, and there will be a quiz on it next week.  This attachment also has the English equivalents. sma vocab list a avec anglais If students would like a preview for the first play that we will be studying, i am also attaching a video of 'Salut Mon Ami'.   This play is a pretty good rendition (not the official program play) of the story that the grade 8s will be learning very well and they will also be doing activities based on this play.   Notice the repetition, and do NOT worry about words that are not understood.  All in good time!   So, meanwhile, enjoy the snow.   Please also keep in mind that next week Thursday (the 16th) is the open house for SJB, and the French cafe will need much support and help. Merci! Madame Henneveld     le 5 fevrier Bonjour!   Il neige!   It is snowing!   I hope everyone enjoys their snow day and stays safe.   This week in French 8, we will be doing lots of review, and starting our first vocab list.  That list will be posted here soon, but meanwhile students can be practicing (or showing off the gestures for) some of the intro words that we have been learning in class, such as: Bonjour! Comment ça va? bien / mal / comme çi-comme ça ouvre / ferme  (open / close) met / enleve (put on / take off) je / tu / il / elle la tête je peux (i can) / je veux (i want) / je dois (i must) / j'aime (i like) aller (to go) va! (go!)  /  viens  (come)   As well in French 8, we are generating a list of ideas for themes for our upcoming French cafe which will be during the Open House on Thursday, February 16.   Students from both my classes will vote on the theme and decorate accordingly.  I am hoping there will be lots of volunteers to help serve and help that evening as well. Have a good week! Madame Henneveld   le 31 janvier Bonjour!   Welcome to French 8!   I try to make sure this website is updated weekly to give you an idea of what is happening in class and to attach any essential vocabulary or other work that can be done at home. In French 8, we start at the beginning.  So this week, students are learning some basic building blocks to get them started speaking French in class.  Our program is gesture based, so students are moving and learning important actions that coincide with the words they are learning.  This week, we are practicing numbers, questions words, choosing a French name, and talking about favourite activities.  To find out more about what we will be doing in class and how our class operates, check out the course overview and notes for parents, attached above. Merci, and have a great week! Madame Henneveld  

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