Home Economics 10 – 12 (Mrs. Lunt)

Foods 10-12

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Foods Studies 11 class combines Foods 10-12. Unit 1 includes Foundations in Safety and Sanitation, Measurement and Equipment as well as Lab procedures.  These practical skills are used throughout the term in every class. Labs have focused on Baking Methods - Biscuit Method and the Muffin method. Now we will focus on the creaming method for cookies and cakes.  December features Holiday Baking as well as stove top methods featuring meat, rice and  pasta dishes. The class is almost finishied  the International Cooking Project in which each student completes a family tree, selects one of the countries of heritage and researches everything from religion, to topography, staple foods, customs and culture as well as preparing a dish from their country.  Students may use power point or poster or booklet to present their information which includes a list of questions they've prepared to quizz the class at the end.  This is a huge success and do drop by the lab to see some of the decorative posters. Labs are Tues and Thurs with Free Labs on Fri.  The school provides all ingredients for labs except for special ingredients for the Free Labs on Fri. Cheers Ms Lunt

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