Home Economics 8 (Mrs. Lunt)

Click here to view The FOODS 8 Course Outline for 2016-2017 foods-8-2016-jl Foods 8  began with Unit 1 materials including Foundations in Safety and Sanitation, Measurement and Equipment as well as Lab procedures and skills.  These practical skills are used in every class for 5 months. Unit 2 Labs include baking using the biscuit, muffin and creaming/cookie methods.  The month of December is Holiday baking such as Gingerbread people cookies! A special event is the class hosting St James kindergarten class to teach them how to make Sugar Cookies. Free labs on Fridays are a big success because the students do all the preplanning and bring any unusual ingredients from home...The Lab provides all the basics for every lab. Cheers Ms Lunt  

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