Information Technology 10-12 (Mr. Calzavara)

ICTX - 11 : Information Technology Survey Course For this course we combine different areas of computer skills - Office Automation, 2D and 3D Graphics and Animation, Digital Media, Web skills and Programming. Students work on modules selected from these major areas and complete a series of shorter assignments and longer projects for each. Jan 9-13 : Final Module Start!  Be sure your WebEval is done! Digital Film Editing : Download Moviemaker, import still photos and play with the various effects and animations and transitions, add a soundtrack and export in a variety of sizes/formats: quality vs. filesize, can you watch it on a tablet or phone? Research what a storyboard is and create one for a 30 sec. video/commercial/page of a book. See example on S:\IT\ICTX11 Jan 3-6: Now that you know easily websites are made, you know that anyone can put information on the Internet, so what can you trust? Using a variety of checklists for website evaluation (from universities, on the Internet!) we see there are some common ideas of what to look for in a site to make it more reliable for factual research. Pick a controversial topic and see if you can find a 'good' and a 'bad' website on the issue (from a research point of view). Save the topic, URLs and your answers to the questions the checklists are asking in a document called WebEvalYourName.docx Dec 12-16 : How to use Table tags and how to link to a specific part of a web page, and info on IP addresses and how computers find the computer hosting the website.  Time to catch up on the three assignments (file format, audio, other programs) and finish projects as necessary. When you come back from Christmas break, have your idea ready of what you want to do for the last unit. Email me if it is not a unit we have already covered. Dec 5 - 9: Internet - 1a) how to make simple web page using notepad, and how HTML works, 1b) make more complex web pages using specialized software 2a) how the browser finds your URL 2b) how the search engines find your website 2c) how to find only good, trustworthy information on the web 3) webSITE creation and control Nov 28 - Dec 2: Adding game controls to a 3D model and setting the options for the various objects to be static, dynamic or rigid body and experimenting with the simple movement, force, torque and velocities to cause sliding, spinning and rolling movements. Modify my example to use the mouse buttons to control the target block to avoid being hit by your opponent - and describe your controls and options in a text file of the same name. Then add some game controls to either your Big Project of last week, or a new idea of your own. Name the file GameYourName.blend and use screen capture on the logic window to show me your controls. MovieMakers: Complete child's story with narration. Research Audio editing software, find one that allows similar editing that Movie Maker does for video (clip, arrange, fade, special effects etc.) (Found and installed Audacity - learn to use it!) Nov 21-25 : All students : complete these research assignments : audiofileassignment  fileformatsassignment otherprogramsassignment Nov 15-18 : Blenders : bigger project of your own design, but should include: 7 objects 4 meshes 3 materials 3 lamps and animate 10 sec. of movement in at least 3 directions. MovieMakers: Finish edit of storyboarded video, export in different formats and sizes. Start longer video project of a child's story by collecting images (and possible video clips) from the internet, and writing your script to record. Nov 7 - 10 : Blenders : Snowman project: make it with at least 6 meshes and 3 materials, on a ground plane of a material with texture and at least one extra light source. Render it small and large with/out anti-aliasing and with the light moved. Then animate it along the ground in a 2 directions separately, then together. MovieMakers: Look at story boarding a 30 second video with 10 or more sections and plan the type of shot and transitions between them. Shoot and upload video to use in different formats. Oct 31-Nov 4: 3D modelling in Blender: Get used to the interface and controls used and create the 'widget ' with multiple meshes and materials. Digital Movie editing: experiment with various effects possible with adding just still photos and sound to create movies, and export them in different sizes. Add a video clip cut into separate pieces, and titles and credits. Oct 25 - 28 : All students finish the Final assignments for the unit Oct 17 - 20: Programmers : text object properties and methods - how to check within a string for content, cut bits out, change case etc. To test your knowledge, create a form with two boxes, enter your name into one, and press a button to see your name spelled backwards in the other box.  Finally, File object properties and methods - how to read and write text content to the disk. Graphics : Start the final 3 part assignment - gimp-graphics-final-assignments Oct 11-14 : Programmers - continue event trapping with Controls - the button and the text box. Create  a program that uses one then two different buttons to change a textbox's contents when pressed, and another that changes the button caption. Graphics: Complete the car animation and the handout on copyright and mash-ups (skip question 4). The Mask Assignment: animate a photo of a mask (with cut-out eyeholes) to slide over a photo of a face, pause, and slide off (at 24 or 25 FPS). The chapel and fish assignment should be started, and should be done by Oct 18. Oct 3-7 : Programmers: Looking at event handling in the introductory  PDF and modifying their version of a sketch-in-graphics window program. Trap the keydown event also and use it to modify a drawing action, while the drawing is happening - e.g. quick colour change that changes back when released. Graphics : Looking at animations and the Blend option - fade a face to another face using a few, and many, intermediate layers created by Blending. Use the Straight_Line and Borders_on_selections tutorials to learn how to do really nice drawings, (draw my cartoon cat with many layers), and then draw a car to animate across the screen in about 1 second at 24fps (set frame delay time as 40ms in the frame name)  - car on transparent layer, move copy slightly, merge to copy of background and repeat. Use the Opacity slider to see where the images overlap if necessary. Sep 26-30: Programmers: Discussion of Arrays, and the graphics window examples – how changing the indices of the loops can change the animation of the boxes. Assignments: programming-assignment-1 Graphics: Photo exercise : photo-exercise-1 From the GIMP website, work through tutorials listed : gimp-tutorials-exercises Sep 19-23: Programmers start with SmallBasic from Microsoft, try first few examples from the PDF, and experiment with the options for the various commands. Work through the PDF on looping and branching. Graphics: looking at the Gimp documentation, start experimenting with the different tools to draw and select areas, and try to draw a cartoon face. Overlay the face onto a gorilla picture, then add that to a photo of the school. Sep 7- 14 Create a log.txt file to act as a record of daily activity, and a spreadsheet to track marks, and email the teacher.  We start with a general introduction applicable across all areas :  overview of the hardware, the binary system and how it represents numbers, letters etc. and how the basic logic gates work inside the CPU. Then we looked at how some common file types are stored on the disk, particularly the size.

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