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Teacher: Mr. Moore                    Email:                    Phone: 604-855-0571(ext. 205)

In order to meet the everyday challenges of life, students must be numerate.  This course is designed to consolidate existing skills whilst introducing knew Mathematical strategies and concepts which will improve students’ ability to solve more complex problems in real life situations, whilst preparing them for university.

According to the Ministry of Education BC students must not use calculators with a Computer Algebra System (CAS).  See the following links below:

Graphing Calculatorcalculator-policy

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Math 11 Pre-Calculus Course Outline 2017

Math PC Timeline 2017    ←  Click here to see homework assignments.

Formulae Sheet PC,

WEEKLY PLAN (Mar. 6th – Mar. 10th)

Monday Mar. 8th:

  • Unit 3.2 – See Timeline for Homework.

Tuesday Mar. 7th:

  • Unit 3.3 – See Timeline for Homework.

Wednesday Mar. 8th:

  • Unit 3 Review – See Timeline for Homework.

Thursday Mar. 9th:

  •  Unit 3 Review

Friday Mar. 10th:

  • Unit 3 Test



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