Daily Message from Principal

A few reminders for the week: 1. Yearbooks can be picked up at the office as the school began distributing them on Friday. Students with missing textbooks and/or library books will not get their yearbook until the book(s) are returned or paid for. 2. Our Celebration of Excellence Awards Night occurs this Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. We invite all families to attend this event and give our students the recognition they deserve. 3. Report cards will be distributed Friday June 30th from 9:30-10:30 in the students' homeroom class. A reminder that buses will pick the students up at their stop 1 hour after normal time (for example if your child usually gets picked up at 7:30, he/she will be picked up at 8:30 on Friday) and depart SJB at 10:30. Thank you Mr. T. Brennan   To receive the newsletter directly to your inbox, parents are asked to subscribe to the newsletter by clicking "SUBSCRIBE" at the TOP LEFT CORNER of the newsletter and adding your email address to the mailing list.

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