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Grad 2018

Teacher Rep: Madame Henneveld


Please look at the following attachments for dates and things to do for our grads.   Thank you!


Grad Newsletter April Grad Newsletter April

Grad ticket order form





Grad February newsletter

Here is the February grad update.   This has also been emailed to parents / guardians.   If you are not receiving these emails, but would like to, please contact me:

Thank you!



Here again is our link for your photo submissions to help the grad video for the end of the year.   A few of you have asked for deadlines (procrastinators like me?).  It would be great if we could get all photos by mid February.   Obviously there is no rush at this point, but the sooner we get them all the more time we can put into making a great video for the grads.  We will take care of including a grad photo and we are asking parents to contribute four other photos.  Please see the link:

More information about commencement, the grad mass, the dinner/dance and the after grad event will come after Christmas.   Attached is an earlier newsletter with all the dates.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care

Madame Henneveld


November 9, 2017

Please peruse the attached November update.   Especially note the request for photos submitted for the grad video.   We are looking for digital submissions but if it is easier to bring in the actual photos, Mr Calzavara will assist with sending them in digitally.   Thank you

Madame Henneveld

grad november update



October 21, 2017

Please NOTE that we have changed the week of grad photos.  They will now occur the week of December 15-22.  We felt it was better to have the students miss class time the week before Christmas rather than the week before exams.  All the necessary information is in the attachment:

Grad 2018 photos information

Please feel free to email me any time with any questions.  Also, if you are not receiving personal email updates from me, please send me an email and i will add you to my google classroom grad page.  THANK YOU!



October 10, 2017

Hello!   With the help of some wonderful parents, we had a successful meeting with all the grade 12 students this past Friday morning.   Our school counsellor spoke briefly with the group about stress management, and then we accomplished three things:  students were sized for their grad gowns; students signed up for a google classroom grad page; students filled in a survey regarding their preferences for a grad video.   More information about the video will be coming.

Many students signed up for the google classroom grad page.  I feel this will be a great way to send notifications.  It would be great if parents / guardians also signed up for this.   If you are interested, please email me directly ( and i can join you up.

Here is the October update that was handed out to grade 12s on Friday:

grad october update


GRAD  2018

Madame Henneveld





September 6, 2017

We look forward to meeting together this evening in the library.   The handout for tonight will be posted below with important dates.   Parents interested in helping out with grad this year are encouraged to sign up at the meeting or send me an email.  We look forward to working together to make this year’s grad a great celebration of our grade 12 students.

Madame Henneveld

GRAD  2018

grad september meeting