Physics 11 (Mr. Calzavara)

Physics 11 Spring 2017– Mr. Calzavara Course Overview
My consultation times are at Lunch (Monday in Library, Other days in 201) or after school in Library (or sometimes the Computer Lab).


The week of April 3 to 7 we will cover the following:
Mon Work Power Efficiency read BC Physics11 132-135 do 139-141#1-5, 8-10
Ep + Ek BC Physics11142-144 and SNAP 168-9 and 172-173, do SNAP 170-175
Wed Cons. Of Energy BC Physics11 p144-149 odd numbers SNAP p 185 – 189 even #s
Thurs and Fri Thermal Energy BCPhysics11 p 150-153,160, SNAP 176-181

 March 27 – 31 : Finish Momentum and dynamics with a lab , sample test and test, learning how to use spreadsheets to handle all the formulas and calculations

Mar 9-10 : Momentum and Impulse notes Momentum notes
Mar 8: Took up the answers to page 115 and one more example with static vs. kinetic friction. Notes mar 8. Handed out Dynamics Worksheet  Due Friday.

Mar 7: Read and follow instructions in Handout March 7 Page 115 #1-6 for homework

Mar 6: Finished the gravity sheets, took up page 92 of blue text and Reviewed springs –Mar 6  collected page 135-136 : Read blue text chapter 4 and SNAP page 108-111 on Newton’s Laws for homework.

Mar 3: read all about Hooke’s law for springs, do pages 135-6 in SNAP for homework due to hand in Monday

Mar 2: finish the gravity worksheet, and do the questions on page 92 of BLue text

Mar 1:  A Block does the Branches of Physics assignment, no Bblock

Feb 28: Answers: AnsGrav10-13 then discussed Friction concepts and formula and applications. friction notes – Read 3.2 and SNAP book on friction.

Feb 27: More gravity examples from SNAP pages 122-124: Do #10-13 for homework Gravity2

Feb  24: Test! For homework, continue reading chapter 3 in blue text, and find the exercises on gravity in the SNAP from pages 119 onwards. Remember to check answers in the back as you try the questions.

Feb 23 : Branches of physics research in library : Branches of Physics Assignment for Block B,  Block A missed due to Mass, we will do this assignment next Wed. REMEMBER TEST TOMORROW

Feb22: Discussed Gravity concepts and introduced formulas, calculating how much gravitational attraction there is to the person next to you (less than a millionth of a Newton) Gravity

Feb 21: Took up answers to sample test Kin sample test ANSWERS , started discussing Chapter 3 (Read Ahead) Test set for Friday.
Feb20 : Handed back and discussed SciNot paper and answers from SNAP 50-52. For the weekend’s homework, apparently the answers got cut off on some lines, so here is a better copy Answers4-13 You should do the sample test on page 99 of SNAP book, and check the odd answers in the back (SNAP sample test Even Answers ) and for homework tonight, do the handout Kin sample test and have all answers for tomorrow

Feb  17: collected worksheet, ‘toured’ the blue textbook, and analysed the projectile motion graphs and concepts in section 2.4 Assigned page 69 # 4-13 for homework for the weekend, do them and then check your answers here: projectileAnswers

Feb 16: collected homework, finished discussion of #25, discussed negative acceleration as possibly speeding up in a backwards direction and positive acceleration as possibly slowing down in a backwards direction, discussed graphs of D-T and V-t from pages 69-74, and passed out second textbook, please review its chapter 1 for a reminder of Scientific Notation, sig. figs., and metric prefixes, all of which are on the Worksheet on SciNot and metric which is due tomorrow.

Feb 14-15 : Review all the snowday assignments and techniques – The answer missing for 24 should give 31 m/s as the answer, and the key should have 24 listed as 25!  Be sure to come to Thursdays class with the answers from 5-16 pages 50-52 done. Feb 15

Snow Day 3 Wednesday Feb 8: Do Questions 5-16 from SNAP pages 50-52, which you can download here : SNAP50 SNAP51 SNAP52  Check back later for answers to the questions from Monday and Tuesday.  :Physics Snowday answer key

SnowDay 2 Tuesday Feb 7 : Here we develop the 2nd new formula –  don’t worry about how to create it using the algebra tricks, just practice using it in the assignment questions. You will always have a formula sheet to refer to, but you should be able to isolate the different terms in the formula, or be able to work the math backwards. If you have problems, be sure to email me at
Here are the notes and questions to answer : P11SnowDay2

SNOW day lesson Monday Feb 6

Based on SNAP text pages 43 – 45, we can develop 2 new formulas involving distance, time, acceleration, and initial and final velocities, and use them to solve various problems. If you do not have your text, relax, the notes for it all, and the questions to do for homework, are here: P11SnowDayNotes

Feb 2: Defining acceleration, new formula for average velocity under the uniform acceleration restriction, formulas based on D-T graphs (slope = speed) and V-T graph (slope=acc., area = distance) Feb 2

 Feb 1:  More examples using sig.figs. and scientific notation with the calculator, and how I want to see you answer the questions:  Give the formula, fill numbers into the formula, then let the calculator do all the work and just give the final answer with the correct number of sig.figs (and units!) For Homework: READ lesson one and two on Kinematics in the text (pages 17- onward) – don’t worry about doing the examples or exercises (unless you feel the need to practice some more). Today’s notes: Feb1Ablock  Feb1Bblock
Jan 31 : Scientific notation and sig. figs. Read pages 4-5 in the text Jan 31
Jan 30 : Today’s concepts: Speed (average velocity) in different units, converting km/h to m/s and back, Jan 30 notes are here.  If your homework is to always read ahead, what are you going to read right now?
Remember, Dark Ink and Calculators for tomorrow every day!

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