Physics 12 (Mr. Calzavara)


Physics 12 – Mr. Calzavara –  Course Overview Extra Help in the Library at Lunch Mondays, in Room 201 at lunch most other days. After school in Library, usually.

Mar 10 : Answers to p 91 : momentum2d answers
Mar 9: Momentum in two dimensions: conserve the components in the vectors when solving for the three piece break-up question: momentum2d
Mar 8: test
Mar 7 : Dynamics worksheet Dynamics Worksheet  and then study for tomorrow’s test.
Mar 6: Handed back p 68 assignment, took up 7-9 also. Notes on ramp forces and tension calculations mar 6  do #3 p77 for homework and study for Wed. Test on projectile motion

Mar 3: Read pages 70 – 76, be sure to do the quick check and practice problems on page 72-73. For the sample problem on page 76 EMPHASIZE that the force of gravity on an object  on a ramp is now 2 COMPONENTS, which I call F – ALONG the ramp (pulling object down the ramp, parallel to ramp surface) and F – INTO the ramp, which becomes the new F-Normal if there is friction on the ramp. IF x is the angle of the ramp with horizontal, then F-ALONG = m*9.8*sin x and F-INTO = m*9.8 * cos x Now work through the sample problem on page 76 and try to apply those same techniques to questions 1 and 2 on page 77

Mar 1-2: Classes interrupted by presentations!

Feb 28 : Practice Quiz Projectiles Finish this up for March 2
Feb 27 :  Answers to p65 ProjectileMotionAgain with an emphasis on making sure your work is communicating the solution by following the format discussed – formula then substitution, then answer, WITH WORDS possibly explaining why this formula etc.
assigned page 68 #1-6 for hand-in homework
Feb 24: More Projectile motion examples : ProjectileMotion2
For Homework: Page 65 #4-7

Feb 23 :Test!
Feb 22: Discussed projectile motion definitions and relationships, assigned #1-4 page 62 to be done for FRIDAY, since tomorrow is the quiz. ProjectileMotion

Feb 21: Took up the 3 questions on page 40, set test date for Thursday, and started kinematics reviewP40 and Kin review
Feb 20 : returned homework marked, discussed final golf question, and previous answers to sample quiz. Looked at ladder question on page 38, and added analysis of person on ladder moving upwards.  Feb 20 Ladder Torques Do page 40 for homework, to help prepare for an upcoming quiz.

Feb  17: Collected h/w, handed out  VectorTorqueSampleQuiz   answers:    VectorTorqueAnswers
Feb16 : took up extra 4 questions Feb 16, assigned p35 #5,6,9,12-15,17 for hand in tomorrow

Feb 14-15 : Finished snowday summary added diving board question analysis and re-assigned the four extra questions. Feb 15 Torques

Snowday Wednesday Feb 8 : You should have completed page 33 questions by now, here are the worked out answers, with explanatory notes: At the end of this is 4 more questions not from the textbook for homework – Solve these on a sheet to hand in next Tuesday (first day back after the holiday!) P12SnowDayWednesday

Snowday Tuesday Feb 7 : Read pages 23,26,27,29,30 in text if you have it – also here in the notes, assignment is page 33. Email me at if there are questions NOTES: P12SnowDayTuesday

SNOW DAY Feb 6 : Finish questions 2,3, and 4 on page 10, and numbers 4,5,6 on page 21,
then create your own river crossing problem, and solve it
If you do not have your text the questions are :
Page 10: 2) What is the magnitude of the resultant vector when adding 9.0 N [E], to 5.0 N [W] and 3.0 N [S] ?
3) A football player is pushed by two others, 50.0N [E] and 120.0 N [N] What is the resultant magnitude and direction of these forces?
4) What is the resultant force of 100.0 N[N] + 50.0N[E] + 220.0 N[S] ?
Page 21:  4)A force of 78 N is pushing on an angle of 40 degrees to the horizontal, what is the horizontal component of the force?
5) What is the resultant displacement of 225 m[N] and 125 m[E] ?
6) A seed falling at a steady 0.48 m/s is also drifting right due to a wind of 0.10 m/s. What is the magnitude and direction of the resultant velocity? (Is your final angle Down of Right, or did you use Right of Down? )


Feb 1: Showed solution to Force table problem, started page 10 problems. Feb 1


Jan 31 : Vector subtraction and navigation related problems. Sample Force Table problem, forces are vectors, can you calculate the mass and angle needed to balance 3 other forces?  Jan 31


Jan 30: Vectors and the math used to work them as components Jan 30


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