Social Studies 9 (Mrs. Kitteringham & Mr. Bevan)



Welcome to an exciting year of Social Studies 9! This year we will cover a variety of topics and students will be demonstrating their understanding of the curricular competencies through project based learning. We look forward to a year full of dialogue, debate and creativity!

Socials 9 Course Outline 2018(1)

Below are a list of the semester projects:

Cause and Consequence Project – Social Studies 9(1)




Perspective Project Criteria SS9(1)

Significance Rubric

Current Event Criteria:

Current Event Project Criteria


September 4 – September 18 –
We have spent the first few weeks of class covering our first unit: Political, social, economic and technological revolutions. The topics that we covered were the American, French and Industrial Revolutions as well as the Red River and Northwest Resistances.

September 19 – September 25

Students will be working on their first Unit project of the semester. Students are able to choose which topic they would like to explore and also which project they would like to do for each unit. The links for the projects are listed at the top of the page. Current Events will take place each Friday at the beginning of class.

September 26 – September 27

Unit 1 Presentation days. Please share your document via Google slides/docs with either Mrs. Kitteringham ( or Mr. Bevan (

September 28 – October 3

We will be covering the topics from our second unit: The continuing effects of imperialism and colonialism on Indigenous people in Canada and around the world. The topics that we will be covering are the impacts of Treaties on the First People, the impact of the Indian Act, Residential Schools, and Manifest Destiny in the United States.

October 5,6,10 11 –

Students will be working on their second Unit Project of the semester.

October 12 – 13 –

Unit 2 Presentation days. Please share your document via Google Slides with Mr. Bevan (

October 16 – 19 –

We will be covering topics from our third unit: Global demographic shifts, including patterns of migration and population growth. The topics that we will cover are push/pull factors in migration, Chinese Railway workers, Irish potato famine, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Acadians and the Gold Rush.

October 24 – 27 –

Students will be working on their third Unit Project of the semester.

October  31 – November 1 –

Unit 3 Presentation days. Please share your document via Google Slides with Mrs. Kitteringham (

November 2 – 10

Unit 3 Presentations and Introduction to the Fourth Unit: Nationalism and the development of modern nations states, including Canada. The topics that we will cover are: Canadian Confederation, National Policies and Projects, the pros/cons of Nationalism. Confederation Simulation Game.

November 14 – 17

Unit 4 Presentation days.

November 20 – December 4

Unit 5: Local Regional and Global Conflicts. The topics that we will cover are: WWI (2 day simulation game and discussion) and the American Civil War.

December 5 – 11 –

Unit 5 Project Work Days

December 12 – 13 –

Unit 5 Presentations. Please email your document to Mrs. Kitteringham

December 14 – 15 –

Unit 6: Discriminatory policies, attitude and historical wrongdoings. The topics that we will cover are: Japanese Interment (BC), Chinese Head Tax, Suffrage and Labour Rights.

December 18 – 22 –

Unit 6 Project Work days

January 8 – 9 –

Unit 6 Presentation Days

January 10 – 19 –

Final Project work and presentations.