Social Studies 9 (Mrs. Kitteringham/Mr. Bevan)

Welcome to Social Studies 9! Mrs. Kitteringham and Mr.Bevan are looking forward to a fun semester full of learning! We will explore our world’s history, our cultural past, and the interactions of people within various countries. Throughout the semester the students will be able to recognize how power and ideologies influence the development of political, social, economic, and technological advancements within various countries and time periods.

Remember Current Events every Friday. Check the Schedule!

Semester Projects :








February 6- Students have no homework on the snow day. Tomorrow students will continue their study of the French Revolution in class. Enjoy your snow day!

February 7-8 – French Revolution political cartoon study and videos. Introduction to the Industrial Revolution.

February 9-10 – no school CEC

February 13 – no school Family School

February 14-15 – Red River/ NW Resistance

February 16-22- Unit 1 Project

February 24-26- Unit 1 Project Presentations

March 1-7 – Unit 2 Topics – The impacts of Colonialism and Imperialism on Indigenous People in North America – Manifest Destiny, Indian Act, Residential Schools, Documentary “Unrepentant”

March 8-10 – Unit 2 Project work days

***Spring Break March 11 – 26***

March 27-28 – Unit 2 Project work days

March 29 -31 – Unit 2 Presentations

























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