Tuition & Financial Aid

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

Category 1 Parishioner Category 2 Parishioner Category 3 Non-Catholic
1 Student $320.00 $365.00 $510.00
2 Students $590.00 $670.00 $1,015.00
3 Students $675.00 $755.00 $1520.00

The Family Rate is designed for a category 1 family with 3 or more students at one of our feeder elementary schools (St. Mary’s, Sts. James and Ann or St. Catherine’s) and St. John Brebeuf.  The family rate is $675.00/month for the 2018-2019 school year.

Family Rate Breakdown
 Fees Payable to SJB  Fees Payable to Elementary School
One student at SJB

and two or more at St. Catherine’s, St. James or St. Mary’s

1 student at SJB $320.00 2 or more at feeder school $355.00
Two or more students at SJB

and one at elementary feeder school

2 students at SJB $380.00 1 at St. Catherine’s $295.00
2 students at SJB $379.00 1 at St. James $296.00
2 students at SJB $390.00 1 at St. Mary’s $285.00
Two or more students at SJB

and two or more students at elementary feeder school

2 or more students at SJB $350.00 2 or more students at St. Catherine’s $325.00
2 or more students at SJB $349.50 2 or more students at St. James $325.50
2 or more students at SJB $355.00 2 or more students at St. Mary’s $320.00
Maximum tuition fees paid for any combination is $675.00

Application Fee (non-refundable): $50.00

Registration Fee: $105.00  ($50.00 if you register and pay before March 1, 2018)

International Students: Annual tuition $14,250 ($500 deposit due with registration) and $100 application fee.

There are additional costs that will occur throughout the school year.  These include uniform, field trips, athletic teams and club costs.  Parents will be notified of additional costs and be given as much notice as possible to submit payment.

Tuition Tax Benefit

Families are eligible to receive a tax receipt for a percentage of tuition paid.  Each year this percentage is calculated using an established tax formula.  This tax relief significantly reduces tuition costs.

What is my tax receipt really worth?

The credit value of your tax receipt is determined by provincial and federal tax laws. The following examples will illustrate the actual value to you, when you submit your tax receipt under “Charitable Donations” on your income tax return. The assumption is that the family has already contributed a minimum of $200 in other charitable donations, which means that the tax rate allowed on the remainder is 43.7%.  (For more information …)

Financial Aid

St. John Brebeuf is committed to Catholic Education.  We are a Christian community that acts with justice and integrity. The Echon Bursary Fund was created to provide a lasting legacy to make Catholic Education accessible to all. If you are experiencing difficulty meeting tuition costs, please come in and speak with our Principal or Parish Priest.  Cases for tuition deferral will be held in a discreet manner and evaluated on an individual basis.

Parent Participation

If you require assistance with completing your Parent Participation hours, please complete this Exemption Request Form. Requests are presented to the St. John Brebeuf High School Education Committee where a decision will be made. Each request is handled discreetly and evaluated on an individual basis. Partial and full exemptions are valid for a school year and families are required to reapply if their situation persists and need to be considered again for the following year.