Clubs and Activities

At St. John Brebeuf High School, we believe in educating the whole person.  We strive to offer clubs, groups, teams and activities to appeal to a range of interests and skills.  Make the most of your high school years and get involved!

Robotics Club: Collaborate with peers and learn the technical skills to build robotic devices.  Be creative and think outside the box with us!  Tuesdays at lunch in the library.  Contact Mr. Calzavara.

Peer Tutors: We are looking for capable, kind and patient students who are willing to share their knowledge with other students. Help a classmate and solidify your own understanding of the curriculum. Being a peer tutor also looks great on a resume! Contact Mr. Fraser, Ms. Fader or Mr. Bevan

Sacristan Team: This group of dedicated students helps keep our chapel clean, assists in setting up our school Masses helping to enrich the atmosphere for liturgical celebrations. The responsibilities are not overwhelming, but the importance of these humble acts is great. This group meets a few times a year for a rotation of duties. Room 204 throughout the year Contact Mrs. Kuester.

Tea Club:  A good cup of tea and some friends is all you need!  We meet once a month to have high tea together.  Come and join us for some pinky out fun!  Throughout the year.  Contact Mrs. Fronteddu

Devotional Club: Celebrated your Faith and grow closer to God as we read scripture, church documents and discuss and debate issues in our world today.  Gather strength and encouragement in your walk with Jesus Christ.  Everyone welcome!  Fridays room 204.  Contact Mrs. Kuester and Ms. Gillespie.

Games Club: Bring your lunch and have fun playing new and classic board games we all love to play.  Love to play card games?  We play those too!  Mondays at lunch in the library.  Contact Mr. Calzavara.

Outdoors Adventures Club:  Do you love spending time outdoors??  Do you have a thirst for adventure?  We ski in the winter and mountain bike on the trails in the spring.  All abilities welcome.  Contact Mr. Lavrik.

Art Club: Let your imagination unfold as you explore different artistic mediums.  Create and find new ways to express yourself.  Contact Mrs. Lindenbach.

Lego Team: Let your imagination run wild.  We provide the Lego; you provide the creativity.  Build, experiment and just have fun with us!  Mondays at lunch. Contact Mr. Oberhoffner.

LITerature Club: Read new and classic literature and discuss themes, characters and personal connections to the stories.  Book worms unite!  Contact  Mr. Beliveau and Mr. Palamarin.

Debate Club: Learning the skills and strategies of effective debate and persuasive speech is a life long skill used by many professions.  Come and learn this valuable skill in a fun and supervised fashion.  Contact Dr. Lannan.

Concert Band: Band is an elective class where students learn the necessary skills to play in the full concert band.  We participate in festivals and concerts throughout the year.  If you’ve never played an instrument before, don’t be shy and give us a try.  Contact: Mr. Woitowitsch.

Jazz Ensemble: The SJB Jazz Ensemble is an extra-curricular group of students who enjoy playing jazz music.  The Jazz Enemble also participates in festivals and concerts throughout the year.  Contact Mr. Woitowitsch.

Music Ministry Team: We are looking for students who want to be involved in singing at our school Masses, liturgical celebrations and assemblies. We even go caroling and do other fun activities together. We meet a few times a month to practice and to create PowerPoint presentations for our school gatherings. Throughout the year. Contacts: Erika Fernandez, Sophia Bouwman, Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Kuester.

Math Competition Team: Are you good with numbers, logic and problem solving? Then this is the team for you! Flex your mental muscles at Math competitions held once a month. We have a junior (Grades 8-10) and a senior team (Grades 11-12) October to March Contact: Mr. Sweeney or Mr. Shin.

SJB Players: If you love to sing and dance, act, create sets and props or work back stage, this is an awesome way to experience the fine arts. Performances are at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium at the end of November. September to November Contact: Mr. Beliveau.

Student Council: Would you like a say about what goes on at SJB? Do you have ideas to make our school a great place to be? Then join the student council and be a part of a team that votes, plans and executes events and activities for the whole school. September to June.  Contact Ms. Fader.

Yearbook Club: If you like to take pictures or have an eye for design, help create, using an on-line program, the most popular book of the year! September to June Contact: Mr. Calzavara

Girls Faith Evenings: SJB girls meet throughout the year to discuss relevant issues in their lives over dinner and dessert! Guest speakers are invited to lead discussions on the theme of the evening. There are also specific nights where you can bring your mom, aunt, grandmother or any other important female in your life to share in the discussions. Each evening may be targeted towards different age groups. A small fee is required to cover the cost of food. Various dates throughout the year. Contact: Ms. Gillespie and Mrs. Kuester.

Guys Night: SJB Guys meet throughout the year to discuss relevant issues in their lives over dinner, dessert and laughter.  Guest speakers are invited to lead discussions on the theme of the evening.  Various dates throughout the year.  Contact Mr. Shin and Mr. Gloanec.

Student Newspaper: The SJB VOICE is a monthly publication that allows its members to communicate with the student body about what’s important to them.  Throughout the year.

BEAR Cave: This club is all about knowing that you belong.  Senior students lead BEAR Cave once a week. Come and hang out with us, play games, meet some  new people and know you’re a valued member of our school.  Throughout the year. Contact Dr. Lannan.

Lunch Time Intramural Sports: Looking for a fun way to meet your Daily Physical Activity? Sign up for Lunch Time Intramurals! Our Senior PE classes run a variety of intramural sports thought the fall and spring semesters, including volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball, badminton and ping pong. Listen for announcements for signup and start dates. This is also an opportunity to flex your muscles against the super-talented Teacher Teams! In the gym at lunch Contact Mrs. Kitteringham.

Girls Volleyball: Girls have the opportunity to play this fast paced and exciting sport. We have 3 teams: Grade 8, Junior (Grades 9/10) and Senior (Grades 11/12). Practices for the Grade 8 and Junior teams run after school from 3:00 – 4:00pm and the Senior Team practice from 4:00 – 5:30pm September to November Contact: Mrs. Bryson

Cross Country: Fall is a beautiful time to go for a run! Our cross-country team trains in stunning Gardner Park and Fish Trap Creek Trails. You can join for fitness or for competition. No experience is necessary. Practices are Monday – Thursday 3:00 – 4:00pm. September to November Contact: Dr. Lannan.

Soccer: Come and be a part of this fabulous sport! We run 2 teams: Junior (Grades 8/9) and Senior (Grades 10-12). Students are encouraged to try out for the senior team regardless of grade. Don’t be afraid to come out and show off your skills! Practices run after school. Contact Mr. Gloanec.

Basketball: Dribble – Pass – Shoot – Block – Rebound – Go! This quick-paced game is full of intense fun! Practice times vary throughout the season, with younger teams playing right after school and senior teams playing at a later time slot. November to March. Contact Mr. Sweeney or Mr. Bevan

Track and Field: Whether you’re quick, strong, agile or have endurance, there is something for everyone on the Track and Field Team! Practices are right after school from 3:00 – 4:00pm, with one practice a week at Rotary Stadium. March to June Contact: Mr. Sweeney.

Golf: Enjoy the outdoors and social benefits of sophisticated world of golf! This game is a combination of strategy, coordination and accuracy. When you join the golf team, you can choose to be competitive or just play for fun. Our team practices at Fraser Glen Golf Course. March to June Contact: Mr. Fraser.

Scorekeepers Club: These hard working students are the ones behind the scenes at each sporting event. They work directly with the officials, running the score clock and keeping track of the master score sheet for each game. This group truly makes athletics run at our school. Game times vary from right after school to 8:00pm. This club is a great way to be involved in the athletics without all the sweat! September to March Contact: Mr. Sweeney.