Parent Participation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Is volunteering the same as Parent Participation?

How many hours does my family have to complete?
When do my hours have to be completed?
Is it okay to have all my cheques cashed instead of doing work hours?
How will I know what jobs I am supposed to do?
My family is in a crisis situation. Is it possible to get relief from our hours?
How do I complete my 5 fundraiser/work bee hours?
Who can assist me in completing my hours?
I have completed over 20 hours of work. Can I share my hours with my friend?
I have completed 30 or more hours doing one task. Can I be exempt from my Fundraiser/Work Bee Commitment?

I did more than 5 hours of work at the fundraiser/work bee. Can I claim the extra hours that I completed?
May I claim time and ½ at a Work Bee?
Can I collect hours in the summer time?
May I collect the hours I put in to help students fund raise to reduce the cost of their school trip?
I did more than 20 hours last year. Can I carry the extra hours into the new school year?
If I complete a portion of my hours but not all my hours will my cheques be deposited?
I didn’t complete my hours by June 15th. Can I get caught up in the summer?
I drove for a field trip (including extracurricular events, sport events or musical events). How many hours can I claim?
My student is in extracurricular sport/fine art/academics. I carpool with other parents in my area to get students to and from practices and events/games that occur at the school. May I claim the carpooling time?
May I claim the driving time starting from home for a task that I am doing at the school?
Where do I record my completed hours?
I do work at my parish. Can I claim these hours as Parent Participation hours?
Can I claim my professional services provided to the school?