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Grad 2019

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GRAD 2019


November update!

Grad photos are coming up! December 9-13.

Artona will be coming to SJB for these dates, with a mobile unit.      If you have not signed up yet for your grad photo session, please do so.   Everyone needs to have their grad photo taken, for the yearbook and the composite photo.  The sitting fee (payable at the session) is $60 which is applicable toward any purchases you make.

Friendship photos will happen in the school (MPX) the following week on December 18.

On another note, please send photos as digital files to Mme Henneveld.    The photos are intended to be part of a grad video.  The sooner they are sent, the better.  IF you are unable to send the photos, please bring your photo originals (in a clearly marked envelope) and we will scan them.  We would like three photos of each grad at different ages.  Do not add a grad photo as we will take care of that.

Please see previous updates on the website for more information about grad events.



October!   Grad hoodies are in, and may be worn on Fridays.   Don’t forget to book your grad photo session for the week of December 9-13. The times should run from 11 am to 6 pm. Here is the link:                       

Even if you do not want to purchase grad photos, students need to have your photo taken for the yearbook and class composite.
BTW, your $60 sitting fee is applicable to any photos you purchase.

For the end of the year grad video, please email me ( three photos of your graduate, at any age.   We have a committee of students working on putting a unique video together for the class.    We’d like to have all the photos in before Christmas.   Thank you!    And, feel free to email me any time with any questions.


Grad hoodie orders are due by the end of September.   Here is the order form:

Grad Hoodie Order Form 2019



September!   I look forward to seeing many grad parents at the meeting in the library, after meet-the-teacher, this week Thursday, September 6.  There will be a handout with important dates (also attached here).   Please note that much of the information this year will be on a grad google classroom page.  The grade 12s will be joining, and I would like to have all parents and guardians attached to the page also.  You can easily do that by emailing me and asking me to add you.    Thank you!

grad september meeting 2018