School Supplies List

ALL Students in Grades 8 – 12 should obtain the following school supplies:

  • 4 – 1” Binders (or) one 2” – 3” Binder with extra dividers
  • Loose Leaf Paper (500 sheets)
  • Pens (Blue and Red)
  • Pencils
  • Ruler (Centimeters)
  • Scissors (small)
  • 8 Dividers with tabs
  • 8 Clear Plastic sheets/sleeves
  • Highlighter
  • Correction fluid/tape
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Graph Paper (20 sheets mm rule)
  • Math Geometry Set
  • Pencil Case (zipper pouch style)
  • Laptop Computer

Each student is required to have their own laptop or a tablet with a keyboard for their classwork. The minimum requirement for student computers is a Google Chromebook. Any computer at or above these capabilities is sufficient. Cellular mobile devices, such as smartphones, are not adequate for the work students will be doing and are also not allowed in class.

If you cannot afford a laptop for your child, please contact the office.

Each student will also need a bible. All bibles should be Catholic Standard Edition. For example: The New American Bible, The (New) Jerusalem Bible, The RSV or NRSV (Catholic Edition). For your convenience, bibles can be purchased through your religion teachers in September.

French 8 -10 students are asked to include a lined journal in your supplies.

French 11 – 12 students are recommended to have a French/English Dictionary of the Collins brand. Please be warned that cheaper editions of French/English dictionaries will not be sufficient for senior-level work.

Art students will have supplies discussed with them during their first few weeks of class.

Additional Costs may incur for programs such as field trips, PE community activities and specialized course supplies. We understand the impact extra costs may have on families and will do what is possible to keep additional costs to a minimum.