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Interested in the latest curriculum developments from the BC Ministry of Education, check out 

Building Student Success.

Contributed Materials…where BC educators are sharing…

This is a great resource for planning with the Re-designed Curriculum. It contains all the hover-over expanded pop-ups from the curriculum website so that you can cut and paste for your planning. With thanks to Janet Chow of SD41 for sharing via twitter: @beyondtech1

Educator Update: K-9  An excellent resource with a significant Q and A section. Make sure you visit this link ASAP!

“Transformation Sessions”

If you are looking for a copy of the handouts we shared at previous Transformation Sessions, here you go:

More Resources:

 Support Tools for New Curriculumcurriculum_model

Educators can use these support materials and tools as they orient themselves to the new curriculum or in their instructional planning.

District Links:

A folder of resources from Kamloops (Taken from Dave Shortreeds Tweets)

BC Ed Plan
with Highlights from around BC:




Samples from St. John Brebeuf Staff -WIP!!


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